My curent "project" is a web-based RSS aggregator called BlogWatcher. It's only real claim to fame is that makes an attempt to merge multiple feeds from a variety of sources into on single data stream, sorted by the posting date.
Check it out and let me know what you think.



This is very interessting, I like having a complete text-based UI. But what a funny idea to enter user names, maybe that's an easier approche for some.
What I would like to see in an aggregator is easy subscribtion to search results. For example having a list of search engines and entering a keyword.
Very nice, keep up! :)

Thanks for the comments. The whole "username" thing came about because it started out as a way to track people who used Xanga and other blog software that didn't make it easy to track down the RSS feeds. That's less important now, but the support is still there.

As far as searching goes - I've got a bit of that in there, in that I've made one of the subscription "types" be a technorati tag search. As the list of search types is driven from the database, it should be a simple matter to add other search engines. I just haven't done it.