Some esoteric options for BlogWatcher

There are a couple of feed options I've added for BlogWatcher that might require a little explanation. They both work with the concept of "tagged" content.

Tagging is one of the "hot" new topics in blogging. When new posts are made in a lot of software (including mine) the author can tag it with whatever keywords seem relevent to them. There are then services that allow you to search for content that has been tagged with words that interest you.

I've added two new feed types that support tags. "Tagged posts" and "Flickr photos" For each one, you can enter the keyword that interests you in the target box, and you'll be shown content related to your tag. The "Tagged posts" option is for blog entries (it searches, while the "Flickr photos" will bring up pictures that people have uploaded to .

This gives you the chance to find content from people you know nothing about, if they happen to write something that might interest you. For instance, if you happen to really like pictures of waterfalls, you could create a new "Flickr photos" feed with the keyword waterfall, and then, whenever anybody posts a public picture to that they tag as a waterfall, you'll see it in your Blogwatcher list. Pretty cool, huh?