An applicable article

I found this article in my monitoring of posts related to emerging church. However, I think a lot of what's being said could easliy be applied to the current debate over what's going on right now regarding Eklektos, the Harbour, and SBTC. (Sorry to those of you who read this who aren't local to me, and have no idea what this is about)
From the article:

First and foremost, you need to understand that we do not define the emerging church based on theology. This may seem odd, but we who will admit to being part of the emerging church do not feel the need to shy away from the movement when one person makes a theological statement we completely disagree with. Some critics have called us evasive because of this, but I believe the emerging church is not evasive as much as it is held together by things other than theology.

The most common thread is a belief that the current structure of church is broken. For some, that means making changes to the current church structure. For others, like myself, the desire to see new structures for the local church come forth drives us into action and participation in the emerging church movement.

My guess is that, theologically, the author of this post would be a lot closer to the members of the SBTC, and Randy, than they would be to me. I definitely fall under that dread category of "liberal." But I also think that he'd be interested in frank, but respectful, debate on the issue. Something that, with a few exceptions, has been sorely lacking up till now.
Randy and I disagree on quite a bit from a theological perspective. But I have a great deal of respect for him, as I think he does for me. He's willing to challenge me, and be challenged by me, without resorting to name calling and shunning.




heh. I don't think I've ever been supposed to be closed to the southern baptists theologically :D Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I'd fall in the middle probably on the issue at-hand, but mostly I say I just don't know. I'm thankful there are Christians willing to take risks and face this through actual practice rather than just theory. You all are in my prayers now.

I've subscribed to the RSS feed for this blog and eklektos, and I'm very interested in hearing how things turn out for you all.

Thanks for your prayers, and for not taking offence at my"co-opting" of your excellent writing for purposes other than you intended