Presbyterian Bloggers: Theological Question of the Week

Presbyterian Bloggers: Theological Question of the Week

Which church would Jesus go to? Presbyterian? Catholic? Non-Denominational? Mormon? Or would Jesus join a church at all? What church would Jesus never step foot in?

I don't think there's any church (or any place else, for that matter) where he would "never step foot in." Even when he was berating the religious leaders of his day, he still went into the synagogues. He would go wherever he could spread his message.
I'm assuming the first part actually means "which church would he join?" And I'm quite certain that the answer is "none of the above." Jesus didn't seem to have any regard for structures and organizations. Only the Kingdom of Heaven meant anything to him. I think he would have seen our various denominations and sects as irrelevant.

We may need those structures and organizations to give us a feeling of safetly and order, but I don't think they would have mattered to Jesus. I don't know that he would have been actively hostile to them, except they were getting in the way of God's Kingdom. I just see him rolling his eyes in exasperation at the question.




Such an intriguing question. The philosophical side of me says he would not join any, but mostly because it would be wierd for the object of worship to join a body of people worshipping him.

I'm going to give this some more thought, though, as if I wasn't determining the answer by my above reasoning...