"Law Day" and "Loyalty Day"

On Friday, President Bush declared today, May 1, 2006, as both Law Day and Loyalty Day. My first reaction on reading the Law Day declaration was to be amazed at the audacity of the man. Then I dug a little deeper, and found that these two declarations have a history that goes back well before this president (1958 and 1961, respectively.) So that changes my perspective, somewhat.

He probably didn't have much of a choice about issuing the proclamations. At least, not if he wants to hold onto the fiction that his actions are all governed by the Constitution and the rule of law. But I'm still amazed at the theme he chose for this year's proclamation: "Liberty Under Law: Separate Branches, Balanced Powers." Anyone who has read here for a while will know that I'm very upset with this administration for it's abuse of the very system of checks and balances that is supposedly being honored here.

Reading this paragraph:

Throughout our Nation's history, we have been reminded repeatedly of the wisdom of the Framers' design.Our system of separation of powers has safeguarded our liberties and helped ensure that we remain a government of laws. Law Day is an occasion for us to celebrate our Constitution and to honor those in the judiciary and legal profession who work to uphold and serve its principles.

I can't help but notice that, while "honoring" (sucking up to?) judges and lawyers, he makes no mention of those who write the laws that he's supposed to be enforcing. But then, he's already as much as said that he plans on ignoring any law passed by congress that he finds inconvenient.

It's my guess that he's laying the groundwork for the fall, when he will quite possibly not enjoy the support of a sycophantic congress, and that at least one of the houses will be controlled by the Democratic party. If he can get enough judges on his side (and in the Supreme Court) and enough unchallenged precedents set, then he'll be able to ignore congress as extraneous.

But remember, Mr. President. It's also Loyalty Day. I for one am loyal to the founding principals of this country. Are you? I have my doubts.