A BlogWatcher idea - thoughts?

I've thought of a potential idea for BlogWatcher, and I want opinions on it. The "hot button" of all this "web 2.0" stuff is bringing social networking into the mix. Right now, the only thing about BlogWatcher that changes based on who subscribes is the view that non-subscribers see - they get the most recent 100 posts from the subscriptions of all active subscribers combined.

What I'm thinking is some sort of rating system. If you've seen a post in BlogWatcher that you think is really good, you could "flag it" as such. Then there could be another "feed" that consisted of posts that had been flagged by other users. Maybe even with some sort of profile set up, so that you only saw posts flagged by users who shared your interests.

Of course, with the few number of subscribers we have today, it would be of fairly limited use. But the more people that subscribe, the more useful this could be. It would possibly alert you, as a user, to other feeds that you might not otherwise know about.

What do you think? Would you use something like that?




I like it ... now, how are you planning to get more users? ;)

I would love this. I'm guessing that many of the folks currently subscribing to BlogWatcher share many similar interests, so the list of flagged posts would be cool. And it's a great way to extend readership and find new blogs to watch. (Just what I need! More blogs to read! Ha!)