Christians, sinners and sin

Seeker at two or three . net has written a lengthy but very good article on the Christian response to homosexual people

While I happen to disagree with the premise that homosexuality is inherently sinful, I can strongly agree with the basic tenor of the post, which to me seems to be that focusing on the sin, and not the person, is just as bad (as sinful?) as the original sin.

My reading of the Bible leads me to the conclusion that it's not so much specific acts that God finds offensive, but rather how those acts impact the rest of creation. However, I can easily see how others can read that same Bible, and come away with an entirely different perspective. That's one of the reasons that I really like this post. Even though I disagree, the tone of the post is one of openness and dialog, not condemnation..

I think that's part of what Jesus meant when he said, "... wherever two are three are gathered together ..." I's in the coming together in fellowship, often with those who disagree with us, that we come closest to the Kingdom of God.