Around the Dinner Table | CrossLeft

Kety at has written about a dinner recently between a group of people which was, apparently, specifically set up to encourage a dialog between people of faith and those with a secular point of view. While that may be unusual enough in itself, the thing that really struck me was the obvious tone of respect for everyone there, and his or her perspective.

Our common commmitment-
To social justice, love, responsibility, opportunity, freedom, hope, equality, inclusiveness and sustainability.

However we got there, whatsoever the path, what's key for me is that we share those values and on them we can create a vision of the future that we jointly commit to build. As for our differences, I see difference not as a divider but as something that can strengthen the effort. In the end what's most important is that, as Ghandi said, we share the same values and we are committed to being the change that we want to see in the world.

I'm sure that those who are critical of the "emerging/emergent church" movement would have just as many problems with this, because Kety actually dares to imply that people from other traditions might actually have something of value to say, that Christians need to hear. But I found it very refreshing, and I'm looking forward to the promised posts on some of the actual topics discussed.



it is amazing that some people don't value other thought into their realm of ideas. i love both good debate and conversation. i prefer discussion in a relaxed environment where everyone respects each other and knows that even though we may disagree that we may or may not state so. i have learned that the path that others have walked is worth listening to and that they have much to add to my life. diverse thought and belief has a purpose, and letting my fellow man know that he is respected by me follows Christ's teaching of loving my neighbor as i love myself. if i want to be valued i will treat others the same.