Jesus in support of gay marriage?

Zeus has wriiten an excellent, well thought out post on homosexuality, Christianity, and the Bible. It's not anything in particular that I haven't seen before, but it's so well written that I had to give it a bump.

I especially liked the comment:

I must claim right out that I am a Christian, a believer and follower in the message, example, and teachings of Jesus as a divine being. I am not a Biblicist; that is I don't believe every single word of the Old and New Testament is somehow the Word of God. In fact as a follower of Christ, I believe we are evoked by Jesus to challenge the old laws that have reduced compassion and openness to spiritual inspiration to mere obedience to old laws. The evidence of example is there: Jesus came to challenge and change the old Law, and he did, (as when he challenged and "eye for an eye" and replaced it with "loving your enemy", as one of many examples). [As an aside: Nor do I believe that people should be stoned to death for wearing cotton/poly blend t-shirts (two types of thread), and other obscure restrictions put forth by the Pharisees.] When contradictions arise in the Bible, I follow the consistent example of radical compassion and inclusion provided by Christ.

It's a long article, but one I highly recommend.