Respecting others

Anyone who reads both my blog and Aaron at two or three . net will know that we're pretty much at opposite ends of the political spectrum. I'm very much a liberal, and he's a self-described conservative. But his post today entitled "What is compassion?" echos a lot of what I've been saying and thinking. Now, I'm not calling Aaron a liberal. I'm sure we disagree on a great many things.

Rather, his post asks that those who hold views different than his respect the fact that his positions are the result of an honest sense of compassion.

Many (most?) sites that I read with a political slant take a very adversarial stance when it comes to political opponents. But I think it's important to realize that, regardless of political affiliation, the vast majority of people hold their positions because they truly believe in them, or, at worst, that they haven't thought them through. Attacks against such people only result in digging in their heels, not "conversion." I happen to think that many conservative priorities are misguided, and I'm sure most conservatives would return the favor. ;) In all probability, we're both right. It's in dialog, not in fighting, that we'll solve problems.




I am most certainly not a liberal, but that does not mean I have to view any one who disagrees with me as an enemy - especially those who are fellow disciples of Jesus.

I believe the principles behind most liberal policies in politics and religion are, as you say, "misguided," but I do not think there is some big evil liberal conspiracy to take over the world. They just haven't learned yet. ;)

I fully believe in every stance that I take (I don't take a hard stance if I don't have one), but at the same time I fully expect to be wrong about some things. I wait for the time when I will "know as [I am] known."

I think my conservative principles (in politics and faith) are important, but they are not the end all, be all. I view the solution to problems in one way, you another. That is a discussion we can have, but it is difficult for something to move forward when one side is branded as uncompassionate or unpatriotic, etc.