Well, I'm back from staffing another Cursillo weekend. As usual, I'm completely exhausted, but it was a wonderful time. You can get some sense of that from the picture at the link on the right. I leave it to you to figure out which one is me. ;)

On a somewhat related note: I felt somewhat inadequate as a music leader. I could contribute vocally, but very little instrumentaly. Oh, I played my tinwhistles on a few songs, but even that wasn't very good. So I'm giving serious consideration to taking guitar and/or bass lessons. Does anybody have any recommendations for me? Lee College is certainly one possibility that I'll be persuing (any recommendations, Anne?) But I'm also looking for people's comments on other options for me to pursue.




Dwayne! You were blessed and called by name to be right where you were. We were a fairly strong instrumental group. I feel WAY inadequate compared to Art and Dawn. Scott rocked the flock with his drums. Vocally, I think you were very strong, and sounded great both as backup and as lead vocals. As we all know, your excellent vocals are an added bonus! =) Technically... well, dude... you HAD to be on the team. Coordinating the powerpoints is such a huge part of the weekend. None of us could have done it as well, as fast, and with such enduring patience as you. I'm so grateful to God that He called the team he did. It would NOT have succeeded without each one of us in our place.

I love ya, brother. I couldn't imagine the weekend any other way than it was.

Dwayne! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the musicial gifts and talents that you DO have! Maybe you don't play the guitar, but you have passion, energy, creativity (um, if you doubt that, just look at your Music Cha picture one more time!), and a love for worshiping God that absolutely radiates out of you. If you have a passion for learning how to play the guitar, go for it, but please know that you contributed both to your music team and to the entire staff team in SO many ways even without an instrument in hand! (hey, without you I never would have known the hand motions to "Peace Like a River" which would have been very unforuntate because I kept getting called up front to do hand motions--so thank you for teaching me them!) Know that you are a blessing to SO many of us Dwayne Bailey!

Dwayne Bailey? Dwayne Bailey?

Remember your name being called...? Don't ever doubt that you were exactly what was needed for this particular weekend, this group of partcipants, this team....after all, remember Who chose you.

I cannot imagine how we would have gotten through without you...your multiple talents (including your techno-geek wizardry), drive, energy and enthusiasm (and new sign language)! You kept me moving, dude!

But how can I not encourage anyone to take up the guitar. It's a source of joy. I recall Craig's T Shirt with the saying...."One woman....Many guitars!!.