The things I do for my "art"

This is a picture I took of myself after Wendy helped me to dye my hair prior to today's auditions for "Titanic" at BLT. I wanted to try the dye because I wanted to be considered as a possibility for some of the younger roles.

I don't think it was very effective, but it could have been much worse.

I didn't want anything too permanent, in case I was cast as a gray hair, so I only went with a temporary dye. That's all well and good, but temporary dyes don't take very well on gray hair. I started out with a "light ash brown" color, figuring that was fairly close to my "original" color. What I actually got was somewhere between blond and orange. And even that was uneven, because I tried to do it myself.

Wendy informed me that she would not be seen in public with me looking like that. She gave me no choice but to go back to the store for some more dye. When I walked in, the woman behind the counter remembered me. She commented that my hair now matched my shirt (I was wearing a maroon BLT t-shirt at the time).

So I bought the darkest brown they had, and had Wendy apply it for me. It's still pretty light, but at least I don't look like I belong in a circus side-show now, and Wendy and Katie might consider admitting to knowing who I am. Maybe.

Moral of the story? It's a good thing I never had an ambition to be a beautician!




Oh come on! My wife said you looked FABULOUS with your new hair.

Well, she was being very generous. Plus, she didn't see the intermediate stage (and, fortunately, no pictures were taken ;) ) so that may have had something to do with it as well.

I didn't even recognize you for a second last night! And I still bet Wendy will think she's having an affair with another man. HA! Your committment to the theatre is impressive, sir. I put on my audition form that I'd do my very best to grow facial hair (well, the question was asked and I couldn't just say "no"...).

now this i gotta see!!!