Toy time

Wendy and I have been going a bit overboard recently buying new "toys." OK - I've been going overboard buying toys. Happy, Wendy? ;)

On Saturday I bought the new TiVo HD PVR. It was more work than it should have been to get it "talking" with Comcast, but that was Comcast's fault, not TiVo's. It's working fine now, and I can make sure I never miss another episode of "The Colbert Report". ;)

Then, last night we were at BestBuy because we need to pick up a new laptop for Katie (who's coming home this weekend to get it - yeah!) While we were there, I noticed that they had a stack of Nintendo Wii consoles available. It wasn't even the bundles I'd seen other places, with extra controllers, memory, and games. Just the basic console. Well, ever since we'd played it at the Haney's house, we've joked about getting one. Yesterday we did. We were both soon laughing quite a bit. Neither one of us are particularly coordinated, so it was comical to watch us attempt to figure out the games. Especially in the tennis game, when Wendy's mii kept falling over trying to hit the ball. I also ran through some sort of "age test" game. You're supposed to work to lower your "age" which means your getting healthier. Well, first pass through, it calculated that my "game age" was 47! I object - I won't be 47 for 2 more weeks! ;)

So come on over some time and play with the Wii. We don't have any games get but the one that came with it, but it's still a lot of fun.




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