Ave Q, anyone?

Avenue Q (2003 Original Broadway Cast)Wendy and I find ourselves with one extra ticket for "Aveue Q" at the Hobby on Saturday, Oct 27th. Free to a good home -- the only proviso is that you'd be stuck sitting with Wendy, Katie and me.

For those not familiar with the show, it's basically, as Wendy puts it, "The Muppets do 'Rent'." It's a show done with puppets, but it is definitely not a children's show. Examples: one of the songs is "The Internet is for Porn" and one of the characters is named "Lucy the Slut." Enough said. ;)




Looks like the ticket's been claimed. Better luck next time. ;)

So, as soon as I read this I said, "Oh Yay!!! I want to go with them!" Then Jessica, who is currently sitting next to me, said, "Oops. I already took it!"

:( :( :( : (:(