And the winner is . . .

Wendy and I watched the presidential debate last night. (Well, I watched it. Wendy slept through part of it because she did not sleep well the night before). It looks to me like John McCain is becoming more and more a caricature of himself that you might see on SNL or The Daily Show, rather than a real political figure. Of course, I'm clearly biased. I've been an Obama supported since before the primaries here in Texas.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that Obama won the debate. In my opinion, there was no winner. Only losers. Obama did a good job of stating his positions, but he spent far too much time trying to place blame, in my opinion. I understand the desire to set the record straight, but I believe that Obama would have been much better served sticking to the high road, and addressing the questions put to him. Getting into a finger-pointing match with McCain is playing the game by McCain's rules..

Wendy also pointed out that, when Obama was talking about a moral imperative, as apposed to national security imperative, he didn't seem to be speaking with the authority and passion that he had had in the past. The words were there, but not the fire and intensity behind them.

I'll still vote for Obama. I believe in the policies and principles he represents. He just appears a little more tarnished to me at this point.

I'd love to hear other opinions about this. I'm perfectly willing to be convinced that my perception is all wrong. In fact, I'd welcome that. Anybody out there up for the job? :)

Update: Hunter at DailyKos has posted an article which seems to express some similar thoughts, though it's much harsher toward McCain, and, for the most part, gives Obama a pass. Guess I was not alone in my reactions.