Wiesenthal Center accuses Presbyterians of declaring war on Israel

Wiesenthal Center accuses Presbyterians of declaring war on Israel.

I find this very disturbing. I certainly agree that the Jewish people in general, and the state if Israel in particular, have faced enormous challenges to their existence. But to say that we, as Presbyterians, are declaring war on Israel because of this document is ridiculous!

I have not read this document, so I may be way off base here, but I'm certain that there's nothing in it that calls for the elimination of Israel. To quote:

“We want to be sure to say to you in no uncertain terms: We support the existence of Israel as a sovereign nation within secure and recognized borders. No `but,’ no `let’s get this out of the way so we can say what we really want to say.’ We support Israel’s existence as granted by the U.N. General Assembly. We support Israel’s existence as a home for the Jewish people. We have said this before, and we say this again. We say it because we believe it; we say it because we want it to continue to be true.”

Israel has a right to exist, but I don't believe that ANY nation has the right to exist at the cost of repressing another people. It's my perception that Israel is guilty of that repression, but I'm perfectly willing to be proven wrong. Israel should be willing to have it's actions and motives examined, in a calm, rational manner.