South Beach diet

Well, it's official. As of this morning, Wendy and I are now both on the "South Beach" diet. It felt like we were buying out Kroger's entire produce section last night. I wish we had a more convenient, better stocked produce section near by. That, or I think we need a second refrigerator to store all this stuff! I cooked the first item this morning -- something called a "Cheesy Frittata."

We were on this diet once before, and did pretty well on it. Unfortunately, we "fell off the wagon" when I fell off my bike. So now we're trying again. One of the biggest challenges from last time, other than produce storage, was the rather time consuming chore of putting togerher a meal plan for the week, and then figuring out what groceries we'd need. This time, we're turing to technology to help. Wendy's got a piece of software called "Mac Gourmet" that we're going to try. She's going through the painstaking process of entering the South Beach recipes. Once that's done, it will be much easier to create weekly menus and shopping lists.

Wish us luck!