Pledges against raising taxes

I went to the website of my representative in Congress, Ted Poe, to voice my opinion on the debt ceiling issue. In the course of reviewing his stand on the issue, I found this quote in the section titled "Taxes/Federal Budget"

I came to Congress with a pledge that I will never vote to raise taxes.  I never have and I never will.  Period.

Upon reading that, I was immediately reminded of instances when I have been called on to serve as a juror. One of the instructions that I remember receiving is that, if I cannot imagine an instance where I would be willing to impose the minimum sentence, or if I cannot image an instance where I would be willing to impose the maximum sentence, then I did not have a place on that jury. My civic duty requires that I be willing to consider all legal options.

So, why is it different for a member of Congress? In my opinion, if Congress Member Poe, or any other elected official, is not, under any circumstances, willing to consider all legal options to a given situation, then that Congress member is not doing their job. Note, I do not say that they must ACCEPT that option. Only that they be willing to honestly CONSIDER it.

Mr. Poe -- from one humble taxpayer and constituent -- please do your job.




Poe may have been a good judge, but if he had approached ANY case as he has his political responsibilities, he would have faced censure and disbarment. One of the most partisan reps I've ever heard of. So glad he's not my rep.