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Bible in a year

Last year, I successfully completed my second pass at reading through the entire Bible in a year, this time following along with an on-line discussion at One Year Bible Blog (ATOM). This year, I've started again, but I'm following a different plan.

Gay marriage and the Bible

Today's one year bible reading includes Acts 15, which covers a heated disagreement in the early church over the need for converts to be circumcised. That may not seem to relate to my title, but ...

The council decided not to require circumcision. In the letter they send were these words:

Acts 15:28-29

OYB for April 11th

One Year Bible Blog: April 11th readings

The passage that struck me today was Luke 14:7-11, where Jesus uses the illustration of places at a dinner party to encourage his followers to humble themselves. I'm familiar with the passage, of course, but it always bothered me. It seemed to me that Jesus was advocating a false modesty, for the purpose of being manipulative. Being modest for the specific purpose of being exalted.

I read it differently today.

The "Gospel of Judas"

I've just finished reading the newly released translation of The Gospel of Judas

(HT to edmund at Becoming for the link)

I'm not going to speak to the authenticity of this document, because I have far too little information (or scholarly background) to put forth any sort of informed opinion on the matter. Instead, I want to write about something that bothered me about the translation itself.

The document is very difficult to read, because there are many gaps, presumably because the source material is fragmentary. But the portions that you can follow have, for lack of a better word, a very "modern" feel. (I mean "modern" in the usual sense, as in "current," rather than it's use in the modern vs post-modern discussions). That is to say, most of the dialog that goes on wouldn't seem out of place today. My first reaction to that realization was to think to myself that this couldn't possibly be authentic. However, I rejected that, as I have no other reason to doubt the dating procedures that were done, placing this as a 4th century document.

OYB for 4/5/06

One Year Bible Blog: April 5th readings

(This is actually false advertising, as this post is only tangentially related to today's readings)

One Year Bible Blog: March 24th readings

One Year Bible Blog: March 24th readings

Psalm 67:1-2

Like many other psalms, this one asks for the blessings of God. What I think is important, though, is the motivation for asking. It is not for the comfort of Israel. Rather, it is so that the entire Earth can see the grace, mercy, and power of God.

One Year Bible Blog: March 21st readings

One Year Bible Blog: March 16th readings

One Year Bible Blog: March 16th readings

This is a musical day!

Numbers 24:17 is the basis for a wonderful piece of music by Felix Mendelsohn, "Behold a Star from Jacob Rising."  I tried (unsucessfully, so far) to find an MP3 of it to upload.

Luke 2:29-32 is the basis of the Nunc Dimitis, done by too many composers to name.

One Year Bible Blog: March 15th readings

One Year Bible Blog: March 15th readings

I have to admit that the Numbers reading for today strikes me as, well, odd. In yesterday's reading, God grants permission for Balaam to go talk to Balak. Today He's planning ambushes. That just doesn't make sense. And then there's the whole "talking donkey" thing. I half expect to see Shrek pop up tomorrow. ;)


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