Emergent Church

Response to a book criticism

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries has written up a paper critical of the book Quantum Theology: A Postmodern Apologetic by Leonard Sweet.

Andrew Jones and spas

Randy, apparently you need to have a talk with your friend Andrew Jones. He's posted something on his blog about the virtues of a spa as the ideal location for discussions about house churches. Specifically a spa in Austin.

Article critical of Emergent Church

I found this article by Rev. Ken Silva critical of the writings of Brian McLaren in particular, and emergent church in general. I'm certainly not an expert on Mr. McLaren's writings, but I can definitely say I'm not a fan of Rev. Silva's work.

He takes exception with the phrase

take another look at Jesus' teachings about hell

and responds with

Props to Randy

The Harbour's blog site has made the big time! TallSkinnyKiwi included a link to it in his most recent posting. Congrats, Randy!


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