Insurrection Chapter One: I'm a Christian! I'm a Christian!

Rollins starts off the chapter talking about desire -- desire for things, desire for people. He makes a fundamental distinction between desire for things, including experiences such as vacations and promotions, and desire for those whom we love. "Beloved" in his terminology. It's not so much a matter of degree (wanting the beloved more than those other things), but rather the desire for the beloved allows all of those other desires to exist. I can see that, though he then makes what to me seems a rather sudden leap -- that it's the desire of our beloved for us that we really desire.

Insurrection: Introduction

In the introduction to "Insurrection" Rollins states his premise that the church has undergone several radical transformations over its history. The first of these was over the question of the circumcision of new believers found in the book of Acts. He mentions others in passing, such as the protestant reformation, but he focuses on that first debate. His claim is that each of these milestone events is an example of taking the old beliefs of what is required to worship God, and burn away the chaff to get to the true heart of worship and believe.

Insurrection by Peter Rollins

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