The Lost Tribe

This weekend, Wendy and I are at the annual TNT conference, held this year in Beaumont. As a part of this festival, our theater put on an excerpt from one of the winning entries for the play writing contest, since we'll be putting on the full show some time in the next year. The play is called "The Lost Tribe" by Jeff Stolzer.

The Producers underway

We've made it through the first weekend of "The Producers" at Baytown Little Theater. There was a great deal of doubt among the cast about whether or not we'd be ready in time, but we made it. The show has been going really well, and audiences seem to be receiving it well.

Part of why I love community theater

I have a confession to make. As one of the directors of "Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes" at Baytown Little Theater, part of my job is to remind the actors always to check on their props and costumes before the show, so they don't get a surprise during the show. Well, guess, what? I should have heeded my own advise. I've had to take a small on-stage role in the show, in addition to directing.

Amadeus is in the books

Well, Amadeus is finished

We had our last performance Saturday night. The last night of a show can sometimes be a letdown, but I honestly think it was the best performance of the entire run. Especially the first act. I think everyone was nailing it that night. I know I could feel it, and I think the audience could as well. Which is great, since my parents had flown in from Florida for the show, and my daughter had driven in from Denton.


I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. I don't have a particulary good excuse -- just never got around to writing. But now, at least, I have some exciting news to report.

Remarkable Age

This is from the video that Dustin Butler shot during the dress rehearsal of BLT's production of Titanic at Cedar Bayou Junior School on Thursday, July 26th. The song is "Remarkable Age" and I'm the gray-haired guy who starts the song. ;)

There are still two weekends left in the run of the show. Come out and see it! If you've already been, then invite your friends, and/or come back and see it again. We need your support.

Titanic about to sail!

Baytown Little Theater's production of

Bringing the House down!

Normally, "bringing the house down" is a good thing when you're a theater. Not today. At approximately 11:30 this morning, a car drove through the east wall of the Baytown Little Theater building! Here's a cell-phone video of the car being towed out of the building.

My role in "Titanic"

Titanic (1997 Original Broadway Cast)


Spamalot posterOK, Monty Python fans


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