My role in "Titanic"

Titanic (1997 Original Broadway Cast)Monty Python's Spamalot (2005 Original Broadway Cast)Well, just like kicking_and_screaming, I found out during my attendance at a performance of Spamalot at the Hobby Center that I got a part in Titanic at BLT. Yeah!

I'll be playing Henry Etches, First Class cabin steward. Given that I don't really know anything about the show yet, I don't really know how got the part is, though on the character bio sheets the director provided at auditions, Etches was listed as a lead, rather than supporting role. Of course, this is more of an ensemble show, so there are lots of "leads."

Anyway, if you're in the Baytown area late July/early August, why don't you plan on coming out and seeing the show?

Oh, and, as an aside - Spamalot was a lot of fun. My daughter and I had a great time. Of course, I've been a Monty Python fan for a long time, so that's not much of a surprise. ;)



7 live???


Good to know I get to survive the sinking! :)

now that's cool! ... he's 41 with dark hair.

Hey! This is cool. It's the REAL Henry Etches' actual biography! Check it out!

Katie and I loved that moment as well.
But I have to say that my absolute favorite part was unplanned. When they were in the "Very Expensive Forest" and the line was "We are the knights who saaaay ..." several people in the audience couldn't contain themselves, and shouted out "Ni!". It was hilarious!


Who knew that attending Spamalot was a prerequisite for getting cast in Titanic!? Craaaazy!

Congratulations, Mr. Etches! It was your cork pop! You totally got it on the cork pop. (hee hee)

I got Alice, btw. :o)

(one of) My favorite Spamalot moment(s):

"Why didn't you mention you were Jewish?"
"It's not something you say to a heavily armed Christian..."


See you Tuesday night!!!