No data is going into Salesforce

  • Did you create a mapping?
  • Did you provide a value for all required fields for that object?

It works for a while, and then I get an error about a "refresh token"

  • When setting up the remote app in Salesforce, one of the permissions that MUST be granted is "Perform requests on your behalf at any time." Without this permission, the integration will work only as long as the current session is active. Note that this permission is NOT included as a part of the "Full Permission" suite of permissions. It must be set explicitly. This is true for all apps that wish to integrate with Salesforce, not just this one

I don't have an SSL certificate. How can I use this?

  • The short answer is that you can't.
  • The longer answer is that you shouldn't, but it is possible. Note that this should only be done, if at all, in a development environment. DO NOT DO THIS IN PRODUCTION!
  • If you really insist on it, here are the steps to follow:
    1. Set up your remote application as if you had an SSL certificate. That is, set the callback URL to be
      • Don't forget to grant "Perform requests on your behalf at any time"
    2. Go to your Drupal instance, and navigate to the Salesforce admin settings
    3. Fill in the client key and client secret from Salesforce
    4. Click Authenticate
      • If prompted by Salesforce, agree to allow the app access
    5. Your browser will be redirected to
    6. Edit the URL to remove the 's' so instead it looks like
    7. Hit enter
    8. Congratulations. You have now bypassed the requirement that SSL be used to authenticate to Salesforce