The Producers

We went out to see Mel Brook's movie "The Producers" this evening. I thought I'd write up a quick review

The show in general was very good. We all laughed a good deal. For all that it's a musical, it remains moderately close to the original 1968 movie. I've not seen the stage version, so I can't speak to that. The biggest difference that I noticed was that the character of Ulla, the Swedish secretary/receptionist, is expanded quite a bit in this version.
Actually, the closeness to the original is it's strength as well as it's weakness. Nathan Lane, while he looked a bit like Zero Mostel's portrayal, was still the typical Nathan Lane character, and I was expecting that. But Matthew Broderick seemed to me to be tryinging a little too hard to match the Gene Wildler portrayal of Bloom. I thought the rest of the actors did an excellent job of playing the characters, while bringing some of themselves to the part. I think Will Ferrell did a particularly good job as Franz Liebkind, which is surprising, since I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan.

The only other complaint I have about this movie I also had with the original. It goes on too long. I think it could have ended without the extended prison sequence without hurting the film.

Oh, one more thing -- stay for the credits. I know a lot of people add things on the credits to get people to stay, but it really is fun.

Go see the movie.