Bugs in BlogWatcher

I've discovered a couple of bug in BlogWatcher, and I wanted to post here about them before they cause any problems for any of my users. All 3 of you. ;)

The first bug is that if you switch to the "View my BlogList" link before logging in, and then try to log in, you'll lock up your access to all of BlogWatcher until you close your browser and try to log in again. To avoid this bug, use the "remember me" checkbox when you log in, or always log in from the main page.

The second bug is less easy to avoid. It seems that once you subscribe to somebody's blog in the left hand side (where you subscribe to MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, etc blogs) you can't delete or edit the subscription. I don't have a workaround in place for this yet. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

I'm also planning for a new feature, once I get these bug worked out. Once I have it working, you'll be able to put a button on your we browser to automatically subscribe to a feed that you happen to find "in the wild" without using the standard subscription manager page. Stay tuned for more developments.

Edit: I found the bug that prevented edits to the subscription list. So that shouldn't be an issue any more.