I'm confused

OK. So, apparently, there's a big controversy going on about the movie, "The End of the Spear" because the person who plays a leading role in it, Chad Allen, is gay, as well as being an activist for gay rights. Now, I haven't seen the movie (nor do I have any particular plans to see it) so take this all with a large grain of salt.

Since when do an actor's personal preferences have an impact on the quality of the product? I've played an alcoholic child molester on stage. Does anyone consider it a problem that I'm not actually an alcoholic child molester? It's called acting for a reason. For that matter, I've played a ghost before. Even though I wasn't dead. ;)

As far as I've been able to determine, Mr Allen didn't play the character gay. Nobody had any issues with his performance until they realized that his lifestyle didn't conform to their belief system. I suppose the concern is heightened by the fact that this is a "Christian" movie. But it's the message of the movie as a whole, not what one actor may say off-camera, that matters. Unless those complaining are concerned that "gay" is somehow contagious, and that you can "catch" it just by watching a gay man on the screen play a straight man.

I'm actually thinking the bigger concern for many people is that they can't tell from the movie that he's gay. As long as people can safely separate "us" from "them," they don't need to think about the fact that the person they share a cube, lunch table, or pew with might well be one of "them." Mr Allen's portrayal of a straight man shakes up that comfortable division.




I won't quote you on your own blog, but I have a feeling that you're last paragraph is the biggest reason for the sentiments being felt. I can only imagine that the acurate portrayal of a heterosexual male being done by a homosexual male (who is un-like Jai Rodriguez on Queer Eye, or etc) terrifes those who believe that just on appearance and persoanlity, a gay man can be spotted.
Breathe in the stupidity of the world. It tastes horrid.

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