Mr. Roberts

Mr Roberts opens at Baytown Little Theater one week from tomorrow. That's Friday, June 2, at 8PM. It runs for three consecutive weekends. People may be familiar with the movie of the same name, starring Henry Fonda, which is based on the play. Jack Lemmon was also in the movie, and got an Oscar for best supporting actor (Kent Pool plays that role in our show)

This should be a good show. We've got a good mix of "old timers" to the BLT stage, and many new faces. Anne Dickens is directing -- I believe this is her first foray into directing a full-length production, and she's doing a fine job. I play "Doc," John Meiners plays "Mr. Roberts," John Brokaw plays the Captain (James Cagney in the movie) and Kent Pool plays Ensign Pulver.

I would encourage anyone who's in the area of Baytown to come check it out. It should be a fun show.