"The Music Man" cast

The cast has been set for "The Music Man" at BLT. I'm "Salesman #1" and in the chorus. (The five salesmen have a choral speaking bit at the beginning of the show.) I was in this same show in High School, and I was one of the salesmen then as well, though I don't remember which number. Once I have a script I'll know if it's the same part or not.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to read for some of the "meatier" parts (Marcellus, Mayor Shinn) but I really can't fault the director for the way he cast it. Especially since my daughter was cast as Zaneeta. It's a non-singing part, so she won't be showiing off her vocal talents, but it's definitely the best teen girl part in the show. We're very proud of her. She didn't expect to get it, but I think it was during a "whim" reading the second day of auditions when she just nailed the character that got her the role.

And, as long as we're on the subject: don't forget that there are still two weekends left for "Mr. Roberts." I haven't looked at the box office results recently, but I'm guessing that there are still good seats available. Come on down and see us if you haven't already. Or, for that matter, even if you have. ;)