A visitor

Yesterday was a very unusual day. The temperature inside the house was cooler than the temperature outside the house. So Wendy and I decided to open a few windows to get some fresh air (well, as fresh as Baytown gets, anyway) circulating through the house. But when I raised the blinds in the kitchen to get to the window, I saw that I can caught a "friend."

I could never have done it intentionally (I'm nowhere NEAR that coordinated) but somehow I managed to time it so that, when the blinds collapsed as they were going up, they caught this guy's tail. So it was just hanging there, trying to do it's best impression of a drawstring. I tried to catch it so that I could let it go, but that threat gave it the impetus it needed to escape the Venetian Blinds of Death TM and scurry up between the window and the screen. I ended up having to take the screen out and shake it rather violently to get our visitor out into "the wilds" of our yard.

We've been getting quite a few visitors of this sort recently. Anybody with kids who need to do a science project on reptiles, amphibians, or arachnids need look no further than our back yard.