Dive photos

I got to do some diving on our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. These photos are from the first trip, out to Cabo Pulmo. I'll get to the others a bit later maybe. These were all taken by me with my newest toy, an Olympus UZ-560 digital camera (8mp, 18x optical zoom!) in an underwater housing.

This is the dive shop where we started out. Cabo Pulmo is about 2 hours north of Cabo San Lucas, where we were staying. It was a very small place, but the people were very friendly. As were the dogs. There were about three of them running around. They all wanted to play ball, but didn't quite get the concept that they had to let me actually hold the ball before I could throw it. ;) This is a turtle that we scared out of the rocks early on in our dive. It was the first time I'd seen a turtle in the wild like that. I know it looks pretty ordinary, but I really liked it And this is a ray that we saw rise up from its hiding place in the sand.

Of course, I took a lot more photos than this. Unfortunately, most of them didn't turn out very well. I'm still learning how to use the camera, and being underwater doesn't exactly make it easy to play around with settings.

I've also got some pictures from the other dive I did, closer to where we were staying, but there weren't many good ones there, either. Guess I need more practice. ;)