My first Wordpress plugin

I've been using Wordpress for handling my (dormant) blog for a while now. I've also been hosting the website for Baytown Little Theater, but the content was managed using just HTML. I had a database of productions that was visible on the site, but it was all handled with custom PHP code and. PostgreSQL.

Well, now that I'm moving away, I figured I'd better make it easier for somebody else to manage the content. So the site is now being managed by Wordpress. But that doesn't help with the productions database. So I've started working on my first plugin.

The plugin allows content authors to create pages and/or posts which reference the data in the productions database. There's even logic to allow for looping, displaying things like cast lists and productions in a season.

Right now the plugin still uses the PostgreSQL database, but I have plans for converting it over to MySQL so that it can be shares with the WP database. I also need to migrate the management portion, so that the contents of the database can be updated from within the WP admin interface.

As soon as the code is in a state that I think somebody other than me could use it, I'll publish it here. At that point, any theater that uses Wordpress would be able to use the plugin to manage their own seasons on their site. It also has an integration with the Tickets to the city ticketing system