Productions plugin updated

Time for another updated on my Wordpress theater productions plugin.

I've now got it to the point where it can work with either PostgreSQL (which the original application was coded with) OR the MySQL database that runs the Wordpress installation. I happen to prefer PostgreSQL, which is of course why I wrote the original app that way in the first place. However, running against MySQL has the distinct advantage of being much easier for a non-technical person to set up on a new blog.

I now have the ability to switch back and forth between the two database schemas, as well as being able to export the data, and then import it. That way I can move all of the data between the databases.

It's not ready for prime time yet. I still don't have any method inside the plugin for managing the data. That comes next. Once that's done, I'll have a plugin that I think might be of use to other theaters.



We cannot keep a genius down! Even when he is so very sick! Sell the app to other theaters.

yeah !!! you're doing a lot of work on this. Thank you!