Insurrection: Introduction

In the introduction to "Insurrection" Rollins states his premise that the church has undergone several radical transformations over its history. The first of these was over the question of the circumcision of new believers found in the book of Acts. He mentions others in passing, such as the protestant reformation, but he focuses on that first debate. His claim is that each of these milestone events is an example of taking the old beliefs of what is required to worship God, and burn away the chaff to get to the true heart of worship and believe.

Given that there have been several such events throughout history, the implication of course is that we're coming closer and closer to "true" belief. Rollins believes that we are in another such transition time now, and that the thing that is being "burned away" is religion itself. He quotes Bonhoeffer referring to something called "religionless Christianity" as at the core of the transition. "Insurrection" is Rollins attempt

... to outline what this radical expression of a faith beyond religion might look like and how it has the power to give birth to a radically new form of Church

My hope with these series of posts is that I'll examine his position, as well as my own beliefs, hopefully coming out with a solid, mature understanding of my own faith, as well as where the church is heading.

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