New "Creation Museum"

The people at Ars Technica recently took a trip to the newly opened Creation Museum in Kentucky (including pictures

Bible in a year

Last year, I successfully completed my second pass at reading through the entire Bible in a year, this time following along with an on-line discussion at One Year Bible Blog (ATOM). This year, I've started again, but I'm following a different plan.

Jesus in support of gay marriage?

Zeus has wriiten an excellent, well thought out post on homosexuality, Christianity, and the Bible. It's not anything in particular that I haven't seen before, but it's so well written that I had to give it a bump.

I especially liked the comment:

Christians, sinners and sin

Seeker at two or three . net has written a lengthy but very good article on the Christian response to homosexual people

Random thoughts on today's readings

My thoughts from today's Bible readings on Jacob wrestling, Jesus' yoke, and the debate between creationism and evolution.

Article critical of Emergent Church

I found this article by Rev. Ken Silva critical of the writings of Brian McLaren in particular, and emergent church in general. I'm certainly not an expert on Mr. McLaren's writings, but I can definitely say I'm not a fan of Rev. Silva's work.

He takes exception with the phrase

take another look at Jesus' teachings about hell

and responds with

Appropriate Bible verse

In my "Bible in a Year" reading, today's passage seems somehow appropriate:

[Psalm 140]

An interesting perspective on the Biblical narrative

As many of you will know, I've long been a supporter of the position that the Bible is not a historical or scientific text, and that treating it as such does it a disservice. That there's a fundamental difference between "truth" and "fact."

A very good article on the Bible and context

TheOOZE has an article entitled "THE BIBLE IS NOT A JIGSAW PUZZLE: A New Approach to the New Testament." I recommend it.
While I don't know that I agree that this is all that "new" of an approach, it does help to articulate some of the issues with the way that the Bible is (mis)handled today. Unfortunately, coming at the Bible the way the author recommends involves a lot more work that just "cherry-picking" verses to support a position.

Another conflict with the writings of John

The Daily Bible readings have moved on to 2 John today (December 6), and I've got another "issue." Specifically, 2 John 1 9-11:


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