Baytown Sun feeds added

The Baytown Sun has just added some RSS feeds. Since all of the current users are Baytown residents, I went ahead and added them as subscription choices on the "Manage my Bloglist" page.

New feeds available for BlogWatcher

You might want to look at the "Manage my Bloglist" page of BlogWatcher, if you haven't done so recently. I've added several new feeds to the right side of the page.
The "Manage my account" link is also worth a look. You can change the color scheme that BlogWatcher uses when you log in, and you can also change the number of articles shown on each page, and your local timezone. Check it out.

Looking for ideas for Blogwatcher

I'm looking for suggestions on ways to improve BlogWatcher. Things that would give it more general appeal.
I already know one thing: an ability to show at least a count of the comments associated with an entry. I'm not sure that I'm able to do that, but I know that it's something people would want.
Anything else? Make any suggestion, no matter how "practical" it sounds.
Also: how would people feel about ads in the output? Wendy has already told me she hates the idea. Anybody else want to chime in?

A new topic for Blogwatcher

I've created this topic (and a corresponding news feed) for people who use BlogWatcher. As I make changes to the application, I'll post them here. I'm also going to auto-subscribe all of my current subscribers, but you can remove the subscription if you want to.


My curent "project" is a web-based RSS aggregator called BlogWatcher. It's only real claim to fame is that makes an attempt to merge multiple feeds from a variety of sources into on single data stream, sorted by the posting date.
Check it out and let me know what you think.


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