Brian McLaren responds

I know that Wendy posted an article about this in her blog, but I saw this today, which is a response by Brian McLaren to all of the controversy stirred up by his original comments.

Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question 4: McLaren's Response

An applicable article

I found this article in my monitoring of posts related to emerging church.

Absolute knowledge of righteousness?

Following a rather convoluted chain of links, I happend upon a post from Friday by Bob Carlton at The Corner, referring to an article in the New York Times by Charles Marsh entitled "Wayward Christian Soldiers." The key sentence here for me, at least as it relates to our recent conflict here in Baytown surrounding

Jan 12th Bible reading

Today's readings bring up some interesting points for me.

I'm feeling Scottish

As you probably know, my family and I are heading out today to New York, to spend Christmas with Wendy's parents. A consequence of that is that we exchanged our Christmas gifts last night after the Eklektos celebration.

Consider this post fair warning.

Appropriate Bible verse

In my "Bible in a Year" reading, today's passage seems somehow appropriate:

[Psalm 140]

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