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Server's back

Did you miss me? ;)

I've completed the lion's share of my server upgrades. All that's left are a few minor tweaks. So if you see something that I'm hosting that's not working right, please let me know so I can find the problem.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog

Server going down for a bit

(I know - you all though I was dead, didn't you.) ;)

OYB Feb 17th

OYB: February 17th Readings

The one I focused on today was Mark 2:21-22, which speak of not putting new cloth onto a tear in an old garment, and not putting new wine into old wineskins. I'm familiar with these passage, of course. I've always seen it as a rejection of the "old" (the pharasees, etc) in favor of the new. Today, though, I had this gut feeling that I was missing something. These two verses seemed so out of place.

Testing some code

The Harbour - Pet sitters for the rapture

Nothing to see here. Move along now. These are not the droids you're looking for.

Brian McLaren responds

I know that Wendy posted an article about this in her blog, but I saw this today, which is a response by Brian McLaren to all of the controversy stirred up by his original comments.

Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question 4: McLaren's Response

An applicable article

I found this article in my monitoring of posts related to emerging church.

Absolute knowledge of righteousness?

Following a rather convoluted chain of links, I happend upon a post from Friday by Bob Carlton at The Corner, referring to an article in the New York Times by Charles Marsh entitled "Wayward Christian Soldiers." The key sentence here for me, at least as it relates to our recent conflict here in Baytown surrounding

Andrew Jones and spas

Randy, apparently you need to have a talk with your friend Andrew Jones. He's posted something on his blog about the virtues of a spa as the ideal location for discussions about house churches. Specifically a spa in Austin.

Appropriate Bible verse

In my "Bible in a Year" reading, today's passage seems somehow appropriate:

[Psalm 140]

Props to Randy

The Harbour's blog site has made the big time! TallSkinnyKiwi included a link to it in his most recent posting. Congrats, Randy!

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