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Prop 8 the Musical

A little late, but ...

[funnyordie c0cf508ff8 464 388]

HT: Rachel McWhirter

Gays in the millitary

This video is very funny, but also very sad at the same time, that people can still think this way.

Jesus in support of gay marriage?

Zeus has wriiten an excellent, well thought out post on homosexuality, Christianity, and the Bible. It's not anything in particular that I haven't seen before, but it's so well written that I had to give it a bump.

I especially liked the comment:

Gay marriage and the Bible

Today's one year bible reading includes Acts 15, which covers a heated disagreement in the early church over the need for converts to be circumcised. That may not seem to relate to my title, but ...

The council decided not to require circumcision. In the letter they send were these words:

Acts 15:28-29

Christians, sinners and sin

Seeker at two or three . net has written a lengthy but very good article on the Christian response to homosexual people

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