Self-imposed pigeonholes

Brandon at a badchristian blog has written an interesting post on identities. He writes about boxes and labels being used as a shortcut for thinking. It's a common enough thought, but he has what I found to be an intersesting twist on it. It's not so much the boxes and labels we put on others that concerns him, but the boxes and labels we put on ourselves.

Christians, sinners and sin

Seeker at two or three . net has written a lengthy but very good article on the Christian response to homosexual people

The "Gospel of Judas"

I've just finished reading the newly released translation of The Gospel of Judas

(HT to edmund at Becoming for the link)

I'm not going to speak to the authenticity of this document, because I have far too little information (or scholarly background) to put forth any sort of informed opinion on the matter. Instead, I want to write about something that bothered me about the translation itself.

The document is very difficult to read, because there are many gaps, presumably because the source material is fragmentary. But the portions that you can follow have, for lack of a better word, a very "modern" feel. (I mean "modern" in the usual sense, as in "current," rather than it's use in the modern vs post-modern discussions). That is to say, most of the dialog that goes on wouldn't seem out of place today. My first reaction to that realization was to think to myself that this couldn't possibly be authentic. However, I rejected that, as I have no other reason to doubt the dating procedures that were done, placing this as a 4th century document.

OYB for 4/5/06

One Year Bible Blog: April 5th readings

(This is actually false advertising, as this post is only tangentially related to today's readings)

Presbyterian Bloggers: Theological Question of the Week

Presbyterian Bloggers: Theological Question of the Week

Which church would Jesus go to? Presbyterian? Catholic? Non-Denominational? Mormon? Or would Jesus join a church at all? What church would Jesus never step foot in?


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