My newest toy!

Last night, while Wendy was off meeting with "the girls" I headed down to the Guitar Center. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to buy, based on what I had read on-line. I was assuming that the store wouldn't have the exact bass I was looking at (and I was correct). But the did have a wide assortment of instruments to choose from. At first, I was pretty much ignored, but eventually somebody came by to talk to me.

He showed me instruments in the same "series" that I had been looking at, and they were very nice. He showed me another that was one step up, but I didn't really see/hear enough of a difference to justify the cost. Then he showed be one another step up from that, and I loved it. It was twice as much as the ones I was originally looking at, but the sound was better, and the "feel" was really good. I even liked the finish better than the others I looked at. It's an Ibanez SoundGear SRX 3 EXQM 1 Of course, I was also supposed to get some cables, a case, and a metronome, and I was given a strict budget of no more that $500.00. But this bass was $400.00. So after some debating with myself, I decided to skip the metronome and case (I assumed one of the gig bags we had at home would work) and bought cheaper cables (monster cables are very good, but very expensive) and bought the bass I wanted.

I still need the metronome, and I've found that our gig bags are too small for a bass, so I need to get one of those as well, but I really think I'm going to be happy with this choice. Now I just need to get good enough to make it worth while. ;)




Call our pal Billy Griffin. He's the man if you want to talk bass guitars or any guitars. He has actually taught some people to play the instrument. I like your new guitar, it's pretty awesome. Let us know where you'll have a gig. ;-)