Cursillo weekend coming up

I just spent yesterday evening and most of today at training for the next Houston Presbyterian Cursillo weekend, which will beĀ  April 14-18. I'm going to be on the music team. This will be the third time I've served on a Cursillo music team, but the first time that I'm going to be playing an instrument (bass guitar) instead of just singing. I'm somewhat nervous about it. I've been playing bass in our praise band at church for a while now, but there are a lot of talented musicians I can "hide behind" there if I need it. The only instruments at the Cursillo weekend will be Steve Arnold on guitar, and me on bass guitar. So, if I screw up, everybody's going to hear it.

I'll be practicing, but prayers would be appreciated!

I'm also going to be giving one of the talks ("rollo" in Cursillo lingo) but I 'm not really too worried about that. It's not like I'm not used to speaking in front of a crowd. ;)

Oh - any of my Presbyterian friends who haven't attended a weekend, please talk to me about it. I'd love to see you attend the weekend with me. It will be in Palacios, TX, right on the bay. It's a very beautiful setting