Hot chicks dig Obama

Apparently, the newest McCain ad in the "Obama as celebrity" series is out:

I personally think these ads are just silly. But one thing in particular struck me as a potential problem for McCain if people make a big deal about it. The whole point of the spot is to ridicule Obama, and his supporters, as having no depth or experience. But that one line, "hot chicks dig Obama." seems to me to be a problem. Given the tenor of the rest of the spot, it seems clear to me that the McCain campaign is implying that "hot chick" = "stupid." Dumb blond jokes aside, I don't think that's a good message for McCain to be putting out there. Women make up a significant percentage of the voting public. Dismissing the opinions of women because they're just "hot chicks" sounds like a good way to lose the election.

Of course, that would be a good thing, wouldn't it? ;)




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