BlogWatcher bug with IE

I apologize to those of you who use BlogWatcher from Internet Explorer. I've discovered that there's a bug in the code I added recently for rating posts. Your ratings are in fact being accepted, but it may not appear that way some times.

What's supposed to happen when yo click on one of the rating levels is this:

  1. All of the rating buttons are greyed and disabled, so you can see that something has happened
  2. The requested rating is sent to the server
  3. The server responds to the request, confirming the rating and the new average rating
  4. Your browser updated the display to reflect these changes, re-enabling the rating buttons
  5. Your browser updates all of the internal data to reflect these changes

It's #5 that's broken. So when you first rate a post, it looks fine. However, if you switch views (to a different feed, for instance) and then come back, it will look like the rating was not updated.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm aware of the bug, but it may be a while before I can fix it. I'm off to take my daughter to freshman orientation at UNT today, so I don't know how much time I'll have to work on it. In the mean time, if it really bugs you, you can always click on the "View my BlogList" link to get a refreshed view of the content, which will include the new rating.