Posts MIA from BlogWatcher

This is a bit embarrassing, but it appears that, for those people who use BlogWatcher as their RSS reader, my own blog posts weren't showing up. :( . I wouldn't have known even now, except that Wendy mentioned seeing things in Xanga that weren't showing up in BW.

I believe it's resolved now.

Another BlogWatcher?

Well, this is sort of cool. I've been lead to an article about writing an RSS reading using Ajax and PHP, which is exactly what BlogWatcher is. I've only skimmed it so far, but it looks similar to what I've done, at least on a basic level. Maybe I'll be able to get some pointers to improve my code.

More BlogWatcher name ideas

I've come up with some more possible domain names for BlogWatcher. Your comments are welcome:

BlogWatcher bugs fixed, plus a question

OK. I think I've gotten the last of the Internet Explorer related bugs taken care of in BlogWatcher, my Ajax-based rss/news reader. I've got a lot of work to do to optimize it so that it runs faster, but I'm not planning on more features at this point, and I don't know of any pending bugs. Please let me know if you encounter any.

BlogWatcher bug with IE

I apologize to those of you who use BlogWatcher from Internet Explorer. I've discovered that there's a bug in the code I added recently for rating posts. Your ratings are in fact being accepted, but it may not appear that way some times.

What's supposed to happen when yo click on one of the rating levels is this:

Tagging posts in BlogWatcher

The changes to BlogWatcher have been completed. There are now two new feeds available on the right side of the subscription page. They are labeled "BlogWatcher Tagged Good Posts" and "BlogWatcher Tagged Posts". The first will include the 20 most recently tagged posts where the average rating is "good" or "very good". The second includes the 20 most recently tagged posts, no matter what the rating (in case you want to see the posts people tagged as "bad."

Xanga and BlogWatcher

I've made a very tiny change to BlogWatcher as it relates to Xanga. The good folks at Xanga have finally decided to officially release the URL for their RSS feeds. Unfortunately, it's different than the one I've been using. The old one works, but there's no guarantee it will continue.

BlogWatcher feature survey

I haven't made many changes to BlogWatcher recently. Well, not changes that would be visible to a user, anway. So I was thinking about directions that I could go, and I wanted to get some feedback.

Here are some of the things I'm thinking about

BlogWatcher performance problems

Some of you may have noticed some rather severe performance problems with BlogWatcher over the past few days. Sorry about that.

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