Posts MIA from BlogWatcher

This is a bit embarrassing, but it appears that, for those people who use BlogWatcher as their RSS reader, my own blog posts weren't showing up. :( . I wouldn't have known even now, except that Wendy mentioned seeing things in Xanga that weren't showing up in BW.

I believe it's resolved now.




Well I suppose that makes sense. Thanks for the heads up.

My first rehearsal is tonight. As far as the readthrough is concerned -- I think that there will be one, but because the show is so music-intensive, he wanted people to be at least somewhat familiar with "their" songs before the readthrough.

Craaaazy. So, he's not doing a full-cast read-through?! Bummer! I love that. *dramatic sigh... with back of hand resting oh so gingerly on forehead*

So, you've already rehearsed? Or will tonight be your first?

Sorry for the blogjack (blog + hijack = blogjack... tell your friends...).

It really WASN'T an attempt to drive up comments. Really! ;)

As far as I know, I'm still on schedule for a brief rehearsal this evening. I've no idea what the schedule will be after that.

OH... and is it proper blogiquette (yes... I made that word up... blog + etiquette = blogiquette... tell your friends...) to comment on the current day's blog entry about a former blog entry so that the blog writer notices the comment? If so... sweet. If not... sorry.

I've been listening to the Titanic soundtrack over and over and... you have such a fun role!!!! You're going to just have a blast with it! Seriously. Etches gets a lot of fun stuff. :o)

Did you get a call about rehearsing on Friday instead of Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday? *scratches head in bewilderment* What's going on? Do you know?

Well I suppose that was more creative than just saying, "Hey... why haven't you people been posting on my blog???!!!" Heh Heh Heh...