More BlogWatcher name ideas

I've come up with some more possible domain names for BlogWatcher. Your comments are welcome:

  • - close to the "original" name, but a bit long for my taste
  • - a distinct possibility
  • - Wendy really liked "" but it wasn't available. I don't think this one has quite the same "punch" but it's till a possibility
  • - I kind of like this one as well

I'd like the name to somehow give the "feel" for what the tool does. Some aspects that I consider important: (and, yes, I know no name can reflect all of this)

  • Groups all your blogs into one unifed list, sorted by posting date, or by blog
  • Reads mor than just blogs - also does info from newspapers, magazines, search engines, etc (any site that publishes an RSS or ATOM feed)
  • Able to "rate" posts and see what others have rated posts
  • Web based (nothing to install on your computer if you don't want)

Shae has offered to work on a new design for it. (Yes, I know you'll all rejoice that the horrid beast I put together will soon die.) I'd like to be able to launch the new "look" under a new name.



I think I like myblogspy the best out of the list. Maybe you need to add in another word to suggest the other options (RSS/ATOM) blogcatcher or infowatcher or something.

How about Blogology?

Thanks for the suggestion, Joh. Unfortunately, is not available.