Obama's priorities

Those who know me well know I'm about as liberal as they come. So, ready for a surprise? Here's a link to the Republican National Committee that I recommend you read. Why? Because it's a great place to read about many of Barak Obama's priorities. The actual purpose of the site is to scare people with the potential cost of all of these programs, but do they really think that objecting to Obama's support for things like

Obama Would Implement The Lugar-Obama Legislation To Crack Down On The Smuggling Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction


Obama Would Assist High School Students With Obtaining Access To College-Level Courses

is going to help them win this election?

ht: Daily KOS




I've asked the same questions. When Sarah Palin says she would go to war without blinking...I was thinking...blink, blink, blink. This time I want a smart president that holds his emotions in check. One that believes we are all our brother's keepers. I don't think worrying about others is a bad thing.