Pledges against raising taxes

I went to the website of my representative in Congress, Ted Poe, to voice my opinion on the debt ceiling issue. In the course of reviewing his stand on the issue, I found this quote in the section titled "Taxes/Federal Budget"

I'm intrigued by the Coffee Party

Yesterday, Facebook suggested that I might be interested in becoming a fan of the coffee party. So I checked it out. The name is an obvious reference and counter to the TEA party movement, which is a movement I definitely don't support.

Prop 8 the Musical

A little late, but ...

[funnyordie c0cf508ff8 464 388]

HT: Rachel McWhirter

Definition of a terrorist

The McCain/Palin campaign has been hammering on this non-story about Obama's link to Ayers. But this interview seems to do a good job of throwing it back in their faces. Apparently, to Palin, you're not considered a terrorist unless you target government and military targets, so abortion clinic bombers can't be considered terrorists. You know, I always thought that terrorists were, almost by definition, those who went after civilian targets, to cause more, you know, terror.

And the winner is . . .

Wendy and I watched the presidential debate last night. (Well, I watched it. Wendy slept through part of it because she did not sleep well the night before). It looks to me like John McCain is becoming more and more a caricature of himself that you might see on SNL or The Daily Show, rather than a real political figure. Of course, I'm clearly biased.

Obama's priorities

Those who know me well know I'm about as liberal as they come. So, ready for a surprise? Here's a link to the Republican National Committee that I recommend you read. Why? Because it's a great place to read about many of Barak Obama's priorities.

Hot chicks dig Obama

Apparently, the newest McCain ad in the "Obama as celebrity" series is out:

President Bush Discusses Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Legislation

President Bush Discusses Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Legislation

Nobody who's read this blog for a while can have many doubts about my feelings on the current president and his policies. Here's another example of what I don't like. The President is pushing for a renewal/beefing up of something called the "Protect America" act which I guess semi-legitimized the illegal surveillance  his administration had done in the past. Now he wants his "get out of jail" card made permanent.

Gotta love Texas politics

[glumbert texasvote]

According to the story above, it's apparently common practice in the Texas legislature to vote multiple times on the same ballot initiative. They use an automated system for casting votes, and, if the desks near your own happen to be unoccupied at the time the vote is called, it's a scramble to see who gets there first to cast some extra votes.

Immigration Hypocrisy

According to this article in the Boston Globe, the US military is considering opening recruitment stations outside of the United States, holding out the carrot of US citizenship as a reward for foreign nationals who join. Now, I have no particular problem with this in and of itself, but it smacks of hypocrisy to do something like this at the same time we talk about building walls to keep immigrants out.


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