Insurrection by Peter Rollins

The theologian Peter Rollins seems to be one who is speaking to me recently. Starting with "How (Not) to Speak of God" I've found myself drawn to his iconoclastic approach. His newest book is "Insurrection." I've just completed reading it. I now want to go back through it, chapter by chapter, and write my thoughts. I'm doing this not so much for any one else to read as much as I am as something of a spiritual discipline for myself. My goal is do do one chapter every other day or so. I'd like to say a chapter a day, but I'm afraid that if I set too ambitious a schedule, then I'll fall away and not do it at all.

This post will act as a table of contents to the posts on each chapter. I'll update the links below as posts are written.

Introduction: There Is a Fire in the Building; Please Step Inside

Part One: Crucifixion
Chapter One: I'm a Christian! I'm a Christian!
Chapter Two: To Believe Is Human; To Doubt, Divine
Chapter Three: "I'm Not Religious" And Other Religious Sayings
Chapter Four: I Don't Have To Believe; My Pastor Does That For Me

Part Two: Resurrection
Chapter Five: Story Crime
Chapter Six: We Are Destiny
Chapter Seven: I Believe In the Insurrection
Chapter Eight: Neither Christian Nor Non-Christian